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  • Std board level heatsinks including BGA and discrete semi-conductor types
  • Thermal extrusions
  • Bonded fin heatsinks
  • Folded fin heatsinks
  • Zipper fin heatsinks
  • Liquid cooling solutions including cold plates and heat pipes
  • Die casting
  • Thermal assemblies

Thermal Interface Materials: Silicon based Gap filler pads, Gaskets, Grease, Putty & Rolls. Non-Silicone products,
Thin Films, Double Sided Adhesives.
Connectors: Zebra Strips Carbon,
Gold & Silver.

Custom heat sink solutions:
Heat pipes or vapor chambers.

Connector & Microwave Components:
Automotive, Board to Board, Cable/Flex to Board, Circular, Co-Ax/RF, Fiber, High Speed, I/O, LCD, Memory, Modular & Power solutions.

  • EMI Gaskets
  • Circuit Board Shielding
  • Conductive Elastomers
  • Ferrites & RF Absorbers