Q4 / 2020

ADATA relâche ses solutions eMMC 5.1

ADATA has released their eMMC 5.1 with HS400 Interface product offering using either MLC (3K PE cycles) or 3D TLC (3K PE cycles).

Present storage capacities range from 8GB-32GB with 64GB-256GB to be offered in Q1 2021.

Offered in the industry std 11.5mm x 13mm X0.8mm (153 balls), features include SMART SLC (pseudo SLC), PRIR mechanism, EUDA, eGPP and thermal throttling.

Available in NT (-25°C to +85°C) and WT (-40°C to +85°C) operating temperature ranges.

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Ohmite offre maintenant des filtres EMI/EMC

Ohmite has introduced a full line-up of standard EMI filters, including IEC inlet filters, single and three phase filters, dual stage filters and PCB mount filters.

Current capacities range from 1A-100A and mounting options bookshelf, chassis and/or PCB mount options and including screw or snap-in versions.

All models are UL and CSA certified as well as RoHS 3 compliant.

Presently stocked via Ohmite’s distribution network, custom models are available upon request.

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Leader Tech absorbeurs micro-ondes réduisent l’énergie micro-onde de 500 MHz à 80 GHz

Available for narrow band and wide band applications, Leader Tech EMI microwave absorbers have custom tuned formulations for target frequencies.To

They offer high reflection or insertion lost characteristics, are easy to install, economical and highly effective.

Available in sheets, die cut and kiss cut formats.

Download catalog 80 GHz

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Delta Thermal relâche des ventilateurs IP68

Delta’s thermal division has introduced, in addition to its existing line-up of IP5x DC fans & blowers, three new models rated to IP68.

These models include 48V, 120 X 38mm square as well 172 X 150 X 51mm and 172 X 172 X 51mm round fans.

Performances up to 294.2 CFM and 2.114inchH2O air pressure.

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Hirose connecteur imperméable USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C réduit le pas PCB jusqu’à 22%

Hirose has added a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C compliant mid-mount connector, which includes front sealing gasket to meet IPX8 waterproof standard, to its CX USB-C series.

Rated to IPX8, the CX90MWD2 supports high-speed data rates up to 5 Gbps and provides an improved peeling strength by using six thru-hole mounting posts.

Offering a width of only 11.60 mm, a depth of 8.35 mm and a height of 4.11 mm (with the gasket) for a  total mounting area of only 96.86 mm2, the Hirose CX90MWD2 uses less mounting space and volume than the majority of solutions available in the industry.

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Delta Puissance Intégrée relâche des IBC non isolés 4:1 à 10:1 jusqu’à 2.65KW/pouces3

Delta Power’s Embedded group is releasing high power Intermediate Bus Converters in DOSA compatible packages.

Available with an input range of 40-60 Vin, TDC currents up to 200A, these IBCs are bi-directional, support parallel connections and PM Bus interface, with efficiencies up to 97.2% @ 100% full loads.

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Globtek connecteur SAE disponible comme harnais ou connecteur de sortie 2 broches pour alimentations

Globtek has developed an over-molded SAE 2 prongs connector, with strain relief, for heavy duty applications in Automobile, RV Trailer and other areas.

The connector assembly features weatherproof connectors & wire lead assemblies and is polarized to assure proper mating of circuits.

The conductors are properly aligned and bonded into the insulation, to assure minimal voltage drop, and for ease of connection.

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Fujipoly offre bouche trou (gap filler) RTV2 à haute conductivité thermique et isolation électrique

SARCON® LG series is a two-component curable type high thermal conductive silicone product.

When the two liquids are mixed,they harden at room temperature or at a high temperature, and harden into a flexible gel that is highly thermally conductive.

By filling the parts with complex shapes and large irregularities, the heat generated from the electronic parts can be transferred efficiently.

Available in two versions, with thermal conductivities of 2.3-3.0 W/m.K, the LG series is available in cartridges, pails and/or drums.

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ADATA relâche famille de cartes amovibles CF Express

The CFexpress Card ICFP301 comes with PCIe Gen3x2 interface and supports NVMe 1.3, delivering excellent read/write performance up to 1600/1200MB per second.

Implementing 3D TLC NAND flash, the ICFP301 provides higher storage density, efficiency, and reliability than traditional 2D NAND.

Available in capacities 64GB-512GB in both commercial (0-70C) and industrial (-40+85C) operating temperatures.

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Hirose rehausse sa série de connecteurs circulaires LF avec des solutions tout temps

Hirose has added an all weather black chromate plating version to its very popular miniature and IP67/68 rated LF10 series of shielded circular connectors.

This enhanced version offers superior corrosion resistance for harsh environmental applications and has presently passed a 500 hours salt spray tests with no damage to appearance nor mechanical functions.

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Leader Tech introduit des adhésifs électriquement conductifs

Leader Tech now offers an assortment of Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) that provide high adhesion strength and excellent electrical conductivity for broad ranging electronics applications.

In addition to its most common use in attaching conductive elastomer gaskets to a mounting surface, these adhesives can be used to cold solder components that are sensitive to heat such as LEDs, LCDs and touch panels. These extremely versatile adhesives also provide a fast and easy way to create an electrical ground between components or fill unwanted gaps that are susceptible to EMI leakage.

To help minimize galvanic reactions between dissimilar metals, these one-part, silicone-based adhesives are available with five conductive filler options, including: silver plated glass, silver plated copper, silver plated aluminum, nickel plated graphite, or pure silver.

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Johanson relâche une solution passive intégrée pour la série de puces Semtech SX1261, SX1262, LLCC68

With the development of new applications and smaller end product form-factors, Johanson Technology has developed an impedance matched filter/balun Integrated Passive Device (IPD) for Semtech’s Long Range Low Power LoRa® and LoRa Smart Home™ RF transceivers SX1261, SX1262, and LLCC68.

The 0900FM15D0039 pairs seamlessly, considerably reducing the overall PCB space utilization area, and component count. This device is very temperature stable, cost effective, and provides compliant FCC and ETSI regulatory emissions requirements.

With this device, the entire front end RF matching, balun, and filter network is reduced to a single EIA 0805 (2.0mm x 1.25mm) SMT component.

Download a detailed Application Note (AN100) with measured 868MHz and 915MHz output results, design implementation and layout guidance.

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Delta Puissance nouvelles séries d’alimentations compactes LYTE II 120W et 240W

Delta’s newest LYTE II series of DIN Rail Power Supply is up to 30% slimmer compared to its LYTE I version. It can help to save precious installation space.

The series offers choices of 12V, 24V and 48V nominal output voltages in 120W and 240W. The overcurrent protection is designed to operate in constant current mode, which makes the LYTE II series suitable for inductive and capacitive load applications.

Highlights & Features

  • Universal AC input voltage range
  • Built-in constant current circuit for reactive loads
  • Operate from -30°C to +70°C with -40°C Cold Start
  • Reduced no-load power consumption
  • Compliance with DOE VI Energy Standard
  • Compliance to SEMI F47 @ 200Vac
  • Certifications and approvals include IEC 60950-1, IEC/EN/UL 62368-1, IEC/EN 61010-1 & 61010-2-201, CCC, EAC and RoHS Directive. Electromagnetic radiated and conducted emissions are compliant to heavy industrial EN 61000-6-4 Class B Emission standard and EN 61000-6-2 Immunity standard.

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