Leader Tech Enclosure Shielding Solutions

Leader Tech will cover types of enclosure shielding solutions available and how to select them, based on operating and cycling environments, material compatibilities and mounting methods.


Joshua Chastain

Appliactions Engineer

Holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University and has been with Leader Tech for 8 years.

Fujipoly Understanding Thermal Gap Filler Pads, PCB Deflection and Stress

Managing compression force and stress is critical in any application that incorporates gap filler pads as a thermal interface. In this webinar, Fujipoly will look at the compression characteristics of thermal gap filler pads and apply this understanding to a PCB assembly. Webinar attendees will have a better understanding of the basic analytical techniques and tests that can be performed to understand stress as well as defection in both gap filler pads and PCBs.

Christian Miraglia

Application Engineer Manager

Christian is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has over 15 years of experience working with Thermal interface Materials.

Hirose Electric USA Choosing the Right Power Connection for your Application

Hirose will cover power connector design considerations such as physical, environmental and thermal as well as AWG vs Power vs Voltage.

Dave Gallager

Dave Gallagher

Regional Sales Engineer

Graduated Summa cum loud from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Science and Business Studies in Operations and Project Management. He also holds a Data and Telecommunications Certificate from the University of Massachusetts Lowells. Dave has been with Hirose for almost 4 years.

Leader Tech EMI Concepts and Board Shield Design Guidlines

Leader Tech will discuss EMI, the benefits of using circuit board shields , how to specify them and to lay them out on your PCB.

Lee Branham

Lee Branham

Applications Engineer
Holds a bachelor of science in Engineering Technology-Mechanical Design from the University of Central Florida and is certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. His Specialization is Beryllium Copper gaskets and spring contacts, and he has been with Leader Tech for 7 years

Chip Antenna Design & Validation Services for Wireless Applications

Johanson Technology will cover the selection of an antenna at concept stage and the tools available to finalize your design for production.

Manuel Carmona

Manuel Carmona

Senior RF Product & Business Development Manager & Sr. RF Engineer for Antennas & Integrated Passive Components
Holds a masters in electrical engineering and RF/Electromagnetics and has been at Johanson technology for the 14 years.

Fujipoly Fundamentals of Heat Transfer in Gap Filler Materials

Fujipoly will focus on the primary function of a thermal gap filler, how to select & specify TIMs for your application and what tools & resources are available to assist you in making a selection.


Christian Mainegra

Thermal Applications Engineer
Graduate in mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has been with Fujipoly for 8 years.