NEWS Q4 2017



American Opto Plus

LED Capacitive Touch Displays

World's first super thin capacitive touch display with built in IC

American Opto Plus, a world leader in LED displays, introduces the world’s first super thin capacitive touch LED display with built in IC. Following the recent success launch of its through-hole version, this super thin capacitive touch display, with built in IC, provides all the same benefits as well as a versatile capability for top and/or reverse mounting.

The low-profile reflector (height 3.20mmm) version can fit in many space restricted areas, offers a user-friendly interface and great design flexibility for various applications.

Available with or without drive IC and offering a much simpler LED interface than graphic or TFT displays, the AOP displays additionally offers standard -40 +105C operating temperature and very low power consumption.

Product Features

  • Dimension: 19 x 15 x 3.20mm (L x W X H)
  • Low profile
  • Robust Construction
  • Water and dust proof by resin potting 
  • High sensitivity from capacitive touch sensing technology
  • Key sensitivity, panel thickness & material can be selected based on application needs
  • Available with built in IC
  • Available in Red, Amber, Red, Green, Blue and White

Other than LED displays, AOP offers a variety of low and higher power discrete LEDs, IR, UV and UVC solutions as well as LED related PCB assemblies.

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Leader Tech’s newly expanded, low cost SMT circuit board shields.

Leader tech has released a variety of new low cost, high performance, one piece and two pieces surface mount circuit board shields.

Now offering over forty- five standard models, these shields are available with or without venting holes and come in tape & reel packaging for high speed automated assemblies.

As these are standard solutions, there are no tooling cost involved.

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Fujipoly’s putty-like TIM exhibits low compression force on delicate board components.

Sarcon® PG25A is one of Fujipoly's softest and best performing thermal gap filler pads for applications that have delicate components and high compression rates. This compliant material fills any air gaps or uneven mating surfaces between components of varying shapes and sizes while exhibiting a low thermal resistance.

Features include:               

Thermal conductivity: 2.5 W/m°K

Thermal resistance: 0.42°Cin2/W @ 14.5psi

Operating temperature: -40°C to 150°C

Thickness: 1.0 to 5.0 mm

Available in sheets to 300mm x 200mm

Can also be die-cut to your specs

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Hirose DF58 Series, 1.2mm Pitch, Low Profile, Wire-to-Board Connectors for Power Supply

HIROSE has introduced the DF58 series to deliver a space-saving, low profile, wire-to-Board connectivity solution for miniature applications.

Although the connector is miniature in size the power rating is not comprised. A high current rating capability of 3A (using the 2-contact version with 28AWG cable) can be achieved to support power supply applications.

A wide range of applications are suitable such as wearable devices, drones, medical devices, point-of-sale equipment, cameras and many other small portable devices.

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XFMRS 10GbE’ cost reduced LAN module

Transformers Inc. (XFMRS) has released a cost reduced version of its 10 Gigabit Ethernet transformer. This latest revision implements a new manufacturing technique that is more streamlined and makes this module very cost competitive.

Features include:         

100 % electrically tested

1500 Vrms Hi-Pot

Open Frame Construction

RoHS compliant

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Ohmite’s new CR CAM Clip series of heatsinks

Ohmite is pleased to announce the release of a new series of heatsinks, the CR Series Cam Clip System. Both single and double sided heatsinks are a feature of this family, along with the popular Cam Clip (Patent Pending) attachment device(s).

The simple and easy to use Cam Clip can secure a wide variety of active and passive component packages which require proper heatsinking to operate safely. An important feature of the Cam Clip System is the ability of the customer to remove the electronic component without having to detach the heatsink from the PCB. Once the Cam Clip is released it can be easily removed by sliding it out of its channel.

With the clips sold separately, customers can elect to use as few as one or up to six clips depending on the cooling requirements of the electronic components they are using.

Single sided heatsinks are available in 2 heights, 50mm and 75mm. Each of those are available in three lengths (25, 50, and 75mm) and two surface finishes (degreased and black anodized). The largest heatsink offers over 70,000 square mm of surface area.

Double sided heatsinks are available in the same 2 surface finishes and the same 3 lengths, Heights for those are either 60mm or 75mm with the largest heatsink offering over 60,000 square mm of surface area.


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Globtek offers a medical power supply / charger/ AC adapter for use on Surface 3 and 4 Tablets

Ideal for equipment used in hospitals and medical environments, Globtek announces the availability of part number RR9LG4000SURFCIMR6B, a Medically certified unit to AAMI ES60601-1, IEC60601-1 and 60601-1-11 standards. This 14v 4A power supply charger replaces the OEM AC Adapter supplied with Surface tablet computers and provides the necessary compliance to medical standards to be used in medical environments (subject to system level compliance and verification).

Many variations and customizations are available such as lengths, colors and mating cables.


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Johanson's IoT ISM Band Component Development Kit

Working on wearables, home automation, lighting, audio or anything IoT?

Check out Johanson's IoT ISM Band Component Development Kit, a one-stop kit for the most popular RF chipsets and applications solutions in the industry.

It has 56 unique parts - 400M, 868M, 915M, and 2.4G antennas, filters, baluns, ceramic RF inductors and High-Q capacitors.


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Ohmite Manufacturing signs a global distribution agreement with Future Electronics

Ohmite Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of electronic resistors, heat sinks, heaters and custom assemblies has recently signed a new global distribution agreement with Future Electronics.

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Wakefield-Vette’s new WAVELOCK as an alternative to standard wedge locks

Wavelock™ is a patent-pending, low-cost, high-performing, form fit, and function alternative to wedge locks for some applications. 

A Wavelock assembly consists of only two discrete parts and represents the simplest form of a card retainer within a wedge lock envelope.  The discrete parts are a wave spring and an injection molded carrier. Additional benefits include easy tool-free installation and visual indication of correct installation.

Features and benefits include:                

     • Low cost solution for light shock & vibration applications.

     • Light weight assembly for uniform clamping force.

     • Narrow width for maximum PCB component area.

     • Low profile design allows for decreased slot pitch.

     • Special lengths, finishes and other design options are available.

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Delta Expands the LN LED Driver series with the LNV320W

Delta Electronics has launched the LNV series of LED Driver with wide input voltage (180Vac – 528Vac) and constant current/ constant voltage output.

This series of LED drivers with 320W output power comes with 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V output voltages. Different combinations of features are designed into the LNV series to suit different application requirements and energy optimization needs. Options include externally adjustable output voltage and current levels, and adjustment of LED brightness via 3-way built-in dimming function. Every model is enclosed in full corrosion resistant aluminum casing, certified according to UL safety standards and is compliant to various Immunity/Emissions/Harmonic requirements.

Additionally, the products’ excellent specifications with high surge immunity (common mode: 6kV, differential mode: 4kV), MTBF > 700,000hrs and compliance with IP65/IP67, make the Delta LNV series an essential part of an energy efficient LED lighting power solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Highlights & Features:

  • Designed for single phase (for L – N) or two phases (for L – L)
  • Up to 94.0% efficiency
  • 6kV common mode & 4kV differential mode surge immunity
  • Active PFC. Meets IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class C
  • Adjustable voltage & current; dimming options available
  • IP65 or IP67 options for indoor and outdoor applications

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XFMRS cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) inverter transformers

XFMRS has developed a new series of CCFL transformers. These transformers are available in through-hole and surface mount packages for CCFL power supplies, which are widely used in portable instruments, backlights for LCD’s and other rear lighting applications.


As competitors continue to thin out their product lines, XFMRS continues to expand their own. 

Effective August 31, 2017 Eaton will no longer offer their CCFL CTX inverter transformers series.

XFMRS CCFL inverter transformers are footprint compatible to these.

Some features include:

  •  Output current up to 30mA
  •  Frequency range from 40 to 80KHz
  •  Output power from 2.5 to 14 Watts

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Fujipoly’s easy to apply, low viscosity Form in Place SPG20A gap filler

SARCON® SPG-20A from Fujipoly® is an easy to dispense, low-viscosity silicone compound that exhibits a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/m°K and a thermal resistance of only 2.1°K•cm2/W.

When applied between heat-generating components and a nearby heat sink or spreader, the form stable thermal material completely fills unwanted gaps as small as 0.08mm. This allows for more efficient transfer and dissipation of heat from the component and improved performance.

Due to its superior handling properties, SPG-20A is an excellent alternative to thermal grease.

The form-in-place silicone material requires no heat curing, will not cause corrosion on metal surfaces, and maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range (-40C to + 150C).

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Hirose's 3-piece floating mezzanine connector for high-speed applications

Hirose has launched an SMT board-to-board connector that utilizes a unique 3-piece floating contact system to simplify assembly and support high-speed transmission capability up to 15 Gbps.

Designed for high-speed transmission applications that require multiple stacking connectors on the same PCB, the 0.5mm pitch FX10-3 Series connector is the latest addition to Hirose’s popular FunctionMax family.

The FX10-3 Series mezzanine connector’s floating contact mechanism can compensate for alignment errors up to ± 0.3mm in both the X- and Y-axis direction. This floating feature allows for multiple connectors to be used in a mezzanine design reducing the stress on solder joints caused by misaligned connectors.

The 3-piece connector utilizes a new design that connects ground pins inside the connector with ground bars. This ground connection design lowers crosstalk, thus improving the insertion-loss to crosstalk ratio and increasing transmission speed capability.

Available in 120, 144 and 168 positions, the FX10-3 Series has a stacking height range of 8 to 13 mm with 1 mm increments. Three types of interposers are offered; two that have grounding options with differential impedance values of 100 ohms and 85 ohms; and one interposer that does not provide grounding for all types of signals.

The FX10-3 Series is RoHS-compliant, with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C, a rated voltage of 50V AC, a rated contact resistance of 130 milliohms, and an insulation resistance of 100 megaohms minimum at 100V DC.


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Ohmite’s TGH600 SOT227 heat sinkable resistor can now dissipate 600W

Most products in this package size are capable of 200 watts. The TGH600 triples that wattage with 600 watts of power dissipation. In order to achieve this, the internal Alumina substrate used in this heat sink has been replaced with a highly efficient material called Aluminum Nitride.


Features include:

  •  Ohmic range 0.25 to 1K Ω
  •  Resistance tolerance ±10%; ±5% on request
  •  Temperature coefficient ±250ppm/°C (others on request)
  •  Maximum working voltage 500V DC (higher voltage on request)

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