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Q2 /2022

Fujipoly Dispensable Thermal Interface Gap Fillers Video

Fujipoly announces the availability of their 2 to 7 W/m-K dispensable thermal interface gap fillers with an all-new video demonstration. Fujipoly’s dispensable TIM’s are suitable for many types of applications, including thin bond line and gap filler applications. See video.

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Hirose TF43SW series increases power ratings for space-saving Hybrid FPC/FFC Connectors

Designed for a wide range of space constrained applications, this .5mm pitch, 48mm Length x 1.2mm Height connector combines signal (.5A) and power contacts (12A). It is suitable for .3mm pitch FFC/FPCs.

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New! Johanson’s Automotive Tri-band WiFi 6E Chip Antenna

Johanson adds a Triple-Band AEC Q-200 qualified WiFi 6E chip antenna device to its automotive portfolio. This cost effective, miniature EIA 1206 (3216 Metric) SMD chip antenna operates at three bands: 2.4 through 2.5 Gigahertz, 4.9 through 5.85 Gigahertz, and 5.85 through 7.2 Gigahertz. It offers a single feed point with radiation efficiencies reaching 85% and a corner PCB mount design.                                                                  

Download specs and/or S-Parameters.

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Globtek introduces power cords that combine various continents’ certifications on a single cord!

Globtek offers a C13 power cord which combines cULus and Japan PSE certifications as well as a Europe CEE 7/7/ Korea KSC8305 certified combo cord.

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Leader Tech’s Mesh Gaskets offer excellent EMI Shielding & Grounding properties

Leader Tech’s Mesh gaskets are constructed of knitted mesh wire and can be ordered with various materials’ options as well as to specific IDs, ODs, and thicknesses. They are ideal for antenna and/or connector seals, grounding washers and/or gland rings.          See options.

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XFMRS AEC-Q200 qualified magnetic components for automotive applications

Transformers Inc. offers a one stop solution for all automotive applications including EV & On-Board charging, BMS, Infotainment, ACC, EPS, WC & Lighting/Control module applications. With huge production capabilities in four TS16949 certified plants and local US engineering support, XFMRS is also offering some of the lowest lead times in the automotive industry.

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ADATA Industrial Launches New High Capacity ISSS31AP 4TB Industrial-Grade Solid State Drive

ADATA Technology announces the ADATA ISSS31AP industrial-grade 2.5-inch solid state drive (SSD). With high capacity of 4TB, Power Lost Protection (PLP), and multiple data security technologies, it is ideally suited for 5G networks, Internet of Things, industrial PCs, automation, and other applications. 

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Hirose BM50 Series – High-Power Hybrid FPC-to-Board Connector Reduces Mounting Space

Hirose’s new compact BM50 miniature Board or FPC to Board series supports up to 15A within a .6mm height and 2mm depth connector. Its guidance ribs provide a smooth mating operation and its multi point dimple contacts ensure high reliability and long life.

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Fujipoly’s new PG130A offers high thermal performance and compressibility

Offered in thicknesses ranging from .3mm to 2mm, the PG130A series is a is a great choice for applications that have delicate or wide-variation component heights and require extremely low material compression. This low modulus thermal gap filler also helps reduce stress on the PCB during assembly

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