Q2 /2021

Fujipoly Achieves IATF 16949:2016 Certification

Fujipoly America Corp., a world leader in the production of thermal interface materials and elastomeric connectors, announces that it has achieved IATF 16949:2016 certification.

Miraco obtains cULus certification for FFC & Cable Assemblies

Miraco is proud to now be included in the trusted ranks of UL.

Miraco’s UL File Number is E528629 for FFC, and E519663 for Wire & Cable Assemblies.

Miraco is also a value-added partner of Hirose.

Delta launches high-performance DC fan series PFB-E & GFB-E

Delta’s latest E series fans are designed for the next generation of server architectures and power modules. With the Intel Whitley platform, 300W+ and higher TDP can be expected.

Benefits of Delta New High-Performance Fans:

  • Highest speed fans with greater than 30,000 RPM and the output static pressure can reach to 9.73 inH20
  • Increased performance with higher power efficiency to maintain or reduce power requirements
  • Redesigned impeller to increase airflow rate and improve blade efficiency
  • The new resin utilized for the fan frame for higher flexural modulus to reduce fan vibration
  • Smart system design to assist in preserving vital server blade components
  • Anti-reverse function, in a failure mode, which can reduce the system reverse airflow loss.

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Hirose new floating board to board, 125C heat resistant KP27F series

Hirose’s new 0.5mm Pitch / 21mm Stacking Height KP27F series offers a variety of features including:

  • 125°C heat resistance for automotive specifications
  • ±0.8mm floating design in X and Y directions
  • High speed transmission (5Gbps)
  • Shield and grounding provide EMI protection
  • Wide self-alignment range: ±1.2mm in X and Y directions
  • Power contacts on each side of the connector (3A/Contact × 4 Contacts)

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Johanson expands its 5G filter family

Johanson Technology has extended its family of n77 and n79 5G cellular band pass filters. This new series of low profile (0.35mm max.) high attenuation BPFs are specially designed for modules and platforms where thickness or height comes at a premium. These EIA 0603 (Metric 1608) SMD components offer low insertion loss for maximum output power and minimum battery consumption.

 See n77 and n79 datasheets. 

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Delta Power releases 3KW MEG-3K0A 9 Slots Configurable Power Supply

Delta’s newest addition to the MEG-A Configurable Series, its power density is up to 27W/inch³ in a 7” x 10” x 1.59” package and with a total output of 3,000W up to 18 isolated outputs. Each individual output can be configured between 2Vdc – 60Vdc, output current up to 45A with single slot single output module, up to 100A with a triple slot single output module.

Features included current sharing, PC GUI for easy parameter setting and monitoring, and intelligent fan speed control.

Communication adapter can convert PMBus to USB, RS232 or RS485 interface and is also available for 3 input connector options: EU terminal, US terminal and C22.

Major approvals include IEC/EN/CSA 60601-1 (Medical) and IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1 (Industrial). The MEG-3K0A9 series is certified for EMC standards EN 55011 for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment, and EN 55032 for Industrial Technology Equipment (ITE) radio-frequency equipment. Full compliance with RoHS Directive for environmental protection.

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Neograf SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite heat spreaders are ideal for medical applications

Used in place of aluminum, SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite can reduce the weight and size of a device while still managing the thermal load.

SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite heat spreaders from NeoGraf Solutions® often play a critical role in thermal management in many kinds of medical devices. These devices range across the spectrum from diagnosis to clinical care.

Features and Benefits include:

  • In-plane conductivity 300-1600 W/mK
  • Anisotropic ratio up to 300:1
  • Thicknesses as low as 17μm
  • 30% lighter than Al and 80% than Cu
  • Continuous reel-to-reel format
  • Spreads heat up to 4x copper and 7x aluminum
  • Eliminates hot spots and protects temperature-sensitive components
  • Enables the slimmest device designs
  • Saves weight compared to metal alternatives
  • Ideal for high volume production

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GlobTek offers a cord management clip for all international types of power cords

GlobTek offers a cord management clip for use on all country power supply cords or cord sets which require to clip the main plug to the cord coil for neat storage. A typical application of this would be in household and industrial appliances. 

 This cord clip can be added to a majority of GlobTek’s standard power supply cords, such as these standard cords

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Fujipoly New 8.0-Watt Thermal Putty Introduced

SARCON® PG80B is Fujipoly’s newest high-performance, putty-like thermal interface material. The extremely low modulus gap filler requires low compression force at high compression rates. It also exhibits a high thermal conductivity with extremely low thermal resistance. 

Features include:

– Thermal conductivity: 8.0 W/mK 

– Thermal resistance: 0.05 °C•in2/W* (0.5mm thick at 43.5 PSI spec.)

– Operating temperature: -40°C to 150°C 

– Thickness: 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm

– Available: pre-cut sheets or die-cut shapes

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Hirose’s new FH63S One Action Lock shielded FFC/FPC connector

Supporting a wide range of high-speed communication protocols, the FH63S connector features a patented single-action flip lock technology in a .5mm pitch and 2.8mm height.

Key Benefits include:

  • Features a ground pin to work with the shielded FFC for advance EMI prevention and optimum signal integrity
  • Combines easy insertion (13N) with easier activation of the single-action flip lock and a high retention force (19.5N)
  • Supports HDMI 1.4a, USB 3.0, Embedded Display Pot 1.3, and V-by-One HS protocols
  • Operating temperature up to 125°C

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Ohmite offers a white paper on resistor specs and how to interpret them

This useful white paper covers resistance, temperature coefficient ratings, power & voltage ratings, derating, tolerances, max temperatures as well as resistors constructions types and mounting styles.

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Delta THD Fan series integrates bionic blades for high performance and low noise.

 The THD series represents the quietest, most powerful, and the most efficient design Delta has to offer. Engineers managed to apply the posture and wing structures of an osprey in-flight to design the fan blades via parameterized and simulated processes.

Targeting telecom, networking, data center/server and storage applications, the new THD series fan reduces fan noise up to 6dB-A and are offered in different sizes from SQ80mm to OD200mm @ 48VDC.

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