Q2 /2019

Leader Tech develops Divider Edge series gaskets

Leader Tech’s Divider Edge Series gaskets are specifically designed for today’s smaller components. The gasket shape and lance features grip on to internal casting walls while the formed fingers create a vertical contact surface.

Beryllium copper spring material in .003” thickness allows the gaskets to be easily installed and maintain a low compression force.

Leader Tech offers this series of gaskets in two different versions. Parts can be supplied in standard, 12” strips or cut to a required length

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Delta new 2”x4” power supply with integrated DC-UPS function

Delta PJU series, the new open frame power supply comes with integrated DC-UPS function.

The PJU-60W, is designed to operate with an external 12Vdc or 24Vdc SLA battery. They will switch over to battery mode operation (batteries not included) seamlessly to prevent system downtime in the event of power disruption or unexpected loss of AC input power. The diagnostic monitoring signals available in this series, for AC OK and Battery Low status can alert the user.    

The two PJU models are rated at 13.8V/3.5A (PJU-13V60WCBA) or 27.6V/1.4A (PJU-27V60WCBA). The main output channel and battery channel will operate in CC-CV mode to maintain voltage regulation of main output channel while charging the external battery.

This series has high efficiency up to 89% @ 230Vac and wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +70°C with convection cooling design. Metal chassis and cover is available as an option for different installation requirements.                                     

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Delta’s energy efficient cabinet heaters are available up to 1KW

Built upon decades of experience in creating safety measures, Delta engineers crafted this PTC-based Heater Series with multiple safety protection features including mechanical temperature switch, NTC sensor and fuse. The HEH100/150 models, in particular, have double isolation on their PTC device.

To prevent possible PTC design vulnerability, Delta integrated high quality plastic for its heater casing to prevent plastic deformation and failure at high temperatures from the internal fan failing, and the fan inlet and/or outlet being blocked. Tests indicated a plastic case resistance with a comfortable buffer above the highest PTC operating temperature.

Features include:

 –  Compact design and effortless installation

 –  Low operating noise

 –  Operational reliability

 –  Multiple built-in safety protections

 –  LED alarm for fan and heater status (HEH100/150)

 –  Auto self-test button (HEH100/150)

Available in AC/DC Wall Mount, Rack Mount, and Foot Mount models with heating capacities ranging from 300W to 1000W. Rated voltages are standard 230VAC or 48VDC. UL and CE approvals by model.  

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Fujipoly’s ultra soft PG25A is an extremely affordable thermal gap filler

Sarcon® PG25A is one of Fujipoly’s softest, most compressible and affordable thermal gap filler materials. It offers gel like consistency in a convenient sheet form. The product is ideal for applications that have delicate components and high compression rates. When it is sandwiched between components of varying shapes and sizes and a nearby heat sink or spreader, this compliant 2.5 W/m°K TIM exhibits a thermal resistance as low as 0.42°Cin2/W at 14 PSI.

Sarcon® PG25A is great for applications that require material compression between 30% and 50%.  

It is offered in four thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 5mm with a maximum sheet dimension of 300mm x 200mm.

Sarcon® PG25A can also be ordered in die-cut form to fit almost any application shape. It is well-suited for environments with operating temperatures that range from -40 to +150°C and exhibits a UL94 flame retardant rating of V-0.

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Johanson releases new Nordic semi integrated solution

This is the latest integrated RF front-end solution for the nRF52840 SoC, the most advanced member of the nRF52 Series SoC family.

Johanson’s new p/n 2450FM07B0037 encompasses an impedance matching network and Low Pass Filter (LPF) in a small, 1.0×0.5×0.4mm surface mount component that reduces PCB space usage of the RF front-end, guarantees filtering (FCC/ETSI compliance) and prevents any manufacturing variability.

This EIA 0402 component specifically designed for the nRF52840-QIAA is in mass production and samples are immediately available.

Datasheet: https://www.johansontechnology.com/datasheets/2450FM07B0037/2450FM07B0037.pdf

Application note, Reference Design and supporting files are available at: https://www.johansontechnology.com/nordic (look for the p/n above and click on “Info”)

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Ohmite introduces new 2KW compact thick film resistor

When properly heatsinked, the TAP2000 Series has the highest power rating of all the Ohmite TAP products. Manufactured using Aluminum Nitride (AlN) and other design techniques, it is able to create constant pressure to the cooling plate of approximately 300 N.

Ohmite uses a unique Thick-Film printing process for the TAP2000 Series, ensuring that the resistor keeps a high-power rating. The non-inductive design offers great electrical insulation and partial discharge performance. It is best used when dealing with power designs such as variable speed drives, power supplies, control devices, robotics, and motor control.

Ohmite took no shortcuts to ensure its high-power rating and top-of-the-line efficiency. That’s why, instead of the standard alumina, this resistor series is produced with an aluminum nitride substrate. This allows it to have a much higher thermal conductivity than most resistors. Because of this, the TAP2000 Series can produce 2000 W at 125°C bottom case temperature

Get Datasheet.

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Globtek XLR connectors available on Globtek medical, household use, and ITE power supplies

Globtek offers customer specific termination options for its wide range of Medical, ITE, and household use power supplies as well as cable assemblies and wire harnesses. As part of its offering, Globtek offers termination in both full size and mini XLR type connectors from all major manufacturers as well as generic options.

The XLR connector is primarily found on professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment. The connectors are circular in design and have between three and seven pins. They are most commonly associated with balanced audio interconnection but are also used for lighting control, low-voltage power supplies, and other applications. XLR connectors are covered by IEC 61076-2-103.

A smaller version, the mini XLR Connector, is used on smaller equipment.

See following link for a sampling of XLR and mini XLR connectors available for termination to Globtek products.

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Hirose enhances current carrying capacity of low-profile wire to board connector series

Part of the EnerBee power connector family, the DF60 Series offers rugged and reliable connectivity up to 65A for internal power supplies used in a wide range of applications. It supports applications requiring current ratings up to 65A with a pitch of only 10.16 mm and accepts AWG #8 to #12 cables.

Available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations, the DF60 series offers finger-safe electric shock prevention type, a rated voltage of 1000V AC/DC and an operating temperature of -55 degrees C to +105 degrees C.

Key Benefits include a compact space-saving design, a unique locking mechanism with a clear tactile click and a highly reliable 5-point contact with independent contact springs.

Keying variations are also offered in black, red and gray.

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II-VI Marlow EverGen® Plate Exchanger

EverGen® Plate Exchanger is a high watt density, compact thermoelectric energy harvesting liquid-to-liquid exchanger. Potential applications include large engine/process waste heat recovery, self-powered hydronic heating systems and self-powered pump applications.  

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XFMRS (Transformers Inc.) offers fit, form & function replacement for EOL Murata PLA10AN series of common mode chokes

The XFxxxx-00U3 is a compact common-mode choke series often used in EMI suppression.  This series is a drop-in equal to the Murata PLA10AN series, which has been discontinued.  As with all XFMRS standard series, custom values are available upon request.

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Ohmite new ceramic CA series heatsink with Cam clip

The CA series is a ceramic heatsink capable of handling two devices. This dual ceramic heatsink utilizes the same patented cam lock clips used in many Ohmite heatsinks. This clip system requires no tools or fixtures for assembling devices to the heatsink. The CA series is mounted to the PCB via thru-hole solderable feet.

Material used for the CA series is 95% AL2O3. This material provides great thermal resistance and great forced air convection performance when compared aluminum heatsinks. The AL2O3 material also insulates attached devices electrically allowing support of high voltage IC’s.

The main advantages of a ceramic heatsink over aluminum are:

  1. Increased thermal performance in forced convection applications.
  2. Electrically insulated for high voltage devices

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