Q4 /2018

Orion’s new partner BlueCore offers a full gamut of thermal management solutions.

Founded in 2008, BlueCore offers R&D and proto/ fast run capabilities in its Birmingham UK factory as well as larger volume manufacturing in Asia.

Thermal solutions include standard BGA and discrete semi-conductor (TO type) heatsinks as well as high pin fin density thermal extrusions, bonded, folded and zipper fin custom heat sinks, cold plates and heat pipes as well as die casting capabilities.

Other services include CFD analysis, 3D printing, precision CNC machining, friction stir welding, salt & spray, shock and cycling testing.

BlueCore continues to provide high quality and competitively priced solutions for the telecom, aerospace, medical, industrial, transport and lighting industries                                                                                                 

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Ohmite 140-Watt heat-sinkable resistor in a TO-247 package.

Ohmite is expanding its growing line of heat-sinkable resistors. The Ohmite TEH140 series is a high wattage resistor in a TO-247 package. Special thermal considerations have been made to produce 140 watts of power dissipation when properly heatsinked. The TEH140 series is available in values down to 0.01 ohms at 5% and up to 51K ohms at 1%. These thick film resistors present another option to customers looking for higher wattage potential out of an already popular TO-247 package.

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Delta refrigerator fans and motors.

As energy savings has become increasingly critical for industries such as HVAC, Delta’ commercial refrigerator motors and fans, powered by Electronically Commutated (EC) technology, provide outstanding reliability and improved power efficiency compared to traditional AC fans & motors.

Features include:         

  • Brushless DC motor/fan driven by AC source input.
  • Up to 70% power saving compared to AC fans/motors.
  • Outstanding reliability, energy efficiency, and low-noise.
  • Custom designs are available.

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Fujipoly low resistance Zebra connectors. 

Fujipoly® Zebra® Gold 8000A elastomeric connectors transfer both data and power between parallel components and circuit boards while exhibiting a remarkably low electrical resistance of less than 25mΩ. 

Features include:

  • 100 gold conductors per inch
  • 0.25mm contact spacing
  • 500 mA current capacity per wire
  • 25 milliohms electrical resistance typical
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 125°C
  • Custom lengths from .200″ to 6.00″
  • Heights ranging from .10” to .50”

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ECS Inc. International, ECS-327ATQMV & ECS-2016MV SMD multi-volt crystal oscillators.

The ECS-327ATQMV is a 32.768 KHz low-power, AEC-Q200 qualified, HCMOS multi-volt SMD crystal oscillator offered in an industry standard 3.2 x 2.5 mm x .9mm industry standard footprint.

The ECS-2016MV is a low-power, fixed frequency, low jitter, multi-volt SMD HCMOS crystal oscillator offered in an industry standard 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm 4-pad footprint.

The multi-volt (1.6V-3.6V) feature of these oscillators permit the use of the same device for many designs, reducing qualification requirements and inventories.

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Johanson Technology small LTE cellular antenna for IoT applications.

Johanson has released the integrated/embedded small 0830AT54A2200 chip antenna which supports 2G, 3G and 4G.

With the complexities of monitoring different types of events, temperature, motion, location, acceleration, consumption and usage, systems need to connect directly to a low data-rate cellular network to transmit its data.

Now, with CAT M1, NB IoT cellular chipsets, that have great low power consumption, it is possible. Designers need the right small LTE cellular chip SMT/SMD antenna to go with these ever-shrinking portable products.

Evaluation board for this antenna model is also available.

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GlobTek introduces 3 new waterproof locking barrel connectors.

GlobTek is introducing 3 new waterproof locking barrel connectors that will be molded equivalents to the Switchcraft® part numbers listed below:

  • GlobTek # CLW: Female Barrel 5.5 * 2.1-barrel w/thumbscrew; molded equivalent to Switchcraft® 767KS12, 767KS15, and 767KS17 and which mates to Switchcraft® DC JACK: L722AS/ PCL722AS/L722RAS.
  • GlobTek # C2.0LW: Female Barrel 5.5 * 2.0-barrel w/thumbscrew; molded equivalent to Switchcraft® S761KS12, S761KS15, and S761KS17 and which mates to Switchcraft® DC JACK: L722AS/ PCL722AS/L722RAS.
  • GlobTek # LLW: Female Barrel 5.5 * 2.5-barrel w/thumbscrew; molded equivalent to Switchcraft® 761KS12, 761KS15, and 761KS17 and which mates to Switchcraft® DC JACK: L712AS/ PCL712AS/L712RAS.

GlobTek designed these over mold and cable solutions in-house and has the capability to design and manufacture cable assemblies for all other types and brands of connectors and cables. Full cable manufacturing and testing facilities are available in Northvale NJ, USA and Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

GlobTek maintains a large range of customized and standard tooling available for customer applications as well as an ability to rapidly design and manufacture custom and bespoke solutions.

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Hirose SignalBee wire to board and wire to wire connectors.

SignalBee, a sister brand to the Hirose EnerBee family of power connectors, offers a variety of compact size and high-performance wire to board and board to board to board connector solutions.

These include contact spacings of .8mm to 2.5mm, from 1A to 5A, with positive or friction locks.

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Davies Moulding functional handles.

These functional handles are industrial handles with switching and/or closing functions. Functional elements incorporated in the housing make these suitable for applications where locks with interlocks are used.

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Leader Tech surface mount gaskets and grounding pads.

SMG gaskets can be used with many different types of board level shielding needs and when grounding points are required on your board.  Form-in-Place gaskets can be eliminated by transferring the gasket to the board rather than to the thin edge of a casting or machined housing.  No fear of damaging a thin Form-in- Place gasket during handling and assembly process.  High speed SMT assembly of their tape and reel supplied gaskets make this a low-cost reliable assembly option. 

Offering reflow capabilities, automated placement suitability, low compression requirements, and tape and reel packaging, Leader Tech SMT gaskets and grounding pads are a viable alternative to standard enclosure gaskets

See short form catalog.

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II-VI Marlow releases thermoelectric energy harvesting white paper.

In a time where people are consuming the earth’s resources at the fastest rate ever, finding alternate power sources is a great way to help create sustainable energy. A sustainable energy solution such as energy harvesting provides an environmentally friendly way to harness natural energy.

II-VI Marlow’s energy harvesters represent low power, air-to-air or air-to-plate energy harvesting solutions for milliwatt to microwatt systems and which are ideally suited for low power IOT sensors.

Lower cost energy harvest options are available with less than 1 cubic inch in size.

Download the white paper.

ADATA unveils new high-speed M.2 2280 PCIe NVME Gen3 x4 3D MLC up to 2TB.

ADATA IM2P33F8 NVMe 1.3 PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 solid state drive utilizes 3D NAND flash and provides R/W performance of up to 2050/1600MB per second, as well as amazing reliability, durability, and stability. The comparable cost of the IM2P33F8 with SATA SSDs makes it a viable solution for upgrading a system.  It supports Host Memory Buffer (HMB) for improved random R/W speeds, and RAID engine and end-to-end Data Protection for data integrity and safety.

It is available in capacities ranging from 128GB to 2TB and features a slim single-sided design. 

To safeguard quality, compatibility, and reliability, ADATA uses a rigorous SSD validation process that encompasses performance testing and quality assurance to ensure its SSDs meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications.

The IM2S3168 and IM2P33F8 design process mandated certification to a temperature range of 0 to 70 degrees Celsius. They can operate normally in 0% to 95% humidity and easily handle up to 20G vibration plus up to 1500G/0.5ms shocks.

The IM2S3168 and IM2P33F8 are hardened against electro-static and electromagnetic interference and support TRIM command, S.M.A.R.T, and wear leveling for improved data integrity and functionality over long periods of time.

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Delta’s new CliQ VA series of DIN Rail power supplies with Integrated LCD.

Delta Electronics introduces the CliQ VA series of DIN rail power supply with integrated LCD display. The CliQ VA series display module offers three key functionalities.

  1. Display Mode will scroll through values such as output voltage, output current, cap life expectancy, (power supply unit) PSU temperature etc.
  2. Maintenance Alarm Setting allows the user to set a pre-determined maintenance alarm before the power supply reaches the end of its expected cap life.
  3. Error Mode will display the type of error if the PSU enters and recover from OVP, OLP, SCP or OTP mode. This enables the user to quickly identify the cause of any abnormalities.

The CliQ VA series offer 24V output in three different power ratings: 120W (DRV-24V120W1PN), 240W (DRV-24V240W1PN) and 480W (DRV-24V480W1PN). They have a wide operating temperature range of -25°C to +70°C, providing full power up to +60°C at 5,000m or 16,400 ft. altitude. Other features include Power Boost 150% for 5 seconds as well as Advanced Power Boost (APB) that ensure system continuing operation when there is a large inrush current due to a faulty load in a multiple load operation.

Major safety approvals include IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 for Information Technology Equipment (ITE), UL 508 for Industrial Control Equipment (ICE) and OVC III according to IEC/EN 62477-1 / EN 60204-1 (clearance and creepage distances) and IEC 62103 (safety part); EMI comply with EN 55032 Class B, compliance with harmonic current IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A and fully compliant with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU for environmental protection.

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Ohmite new pin fin heatsink with CAM clip.

Ohmite is expanding its growing line of heatsinks. The Ohmite PA/PV series heatsinks use forged pin construction. The thermal efficiency of a heatsink is determined by many variables. One of the main variables is the surface area. The pin fin construction of the PA/PV series produces more surface area than the standard extruded designs. In addition to the increased surface area the pin fin design also allows air flow to be entered from multiple directions. Standard extrusion heatsinks only allow airflow along the fins of the heatsink. With the ability to flow air in multiple directions the designer is released from restrictions typically associated with extrusion based heatsink designs.

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Johanson Antenna + On-Semi Bluetooth.

Johanson’s Zero Clearance, on-ground chip antenna P/N 2450AT42B01B0E latest reference design is used in perfect harmony with On Semis BLE beacon chipset, the RSL10, which is the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 SoC.

This very small circular reference design gives the designer the advantage of not having to worry what’s directly underneath the Johanson 2.4GHz chip antenna.

For On Semi’s reference design using Johanson’s chip antenna, go to:


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